• Professional Tips for Designing Your Private Cinema in Newport Beach In our last blog, we covered tips on how to design the right space for your home theater. The walls, windows and flooring are all important elements that can affect the audio and video performance in the room. In part two of this series, we will cover the technical elements you need to get perfect performance. A strong network and the right cables will enhance your home entertainment experience in Newport Beach.
  • Save Money, Energy, and Time with Our Smart Home Solutions There are certainly trendy items in the smart home industry. Custom home theaters, multi-room audio, and security are usually at the top of the list. However, there are other smart solutions – sometimes overlooked – that can bring you big benefits. They may not be as trendy or as flashy as 4K or surround sound, but they are worthwhile investments that will pay off over time. Keep reading to learn more about using smart home automation to integrate lights and shades into your Newport Beach, California home.
  • Use a Professional Security System in Newport Beach No matter how big or small your business is, you absolutely need security and surveillance systems to protect your livelihood. Professional equipment and installation will ensure that your piece of property in the area of Newport Beach or around Southern California is safe and secure. Surreal Systems has various options for you that are tailored to your unique needs and specifications. Continue reading this blog to discover all that we have to offer your commercial spaces.
  • A Professional’s Tips for Designing a Custom Home Theater When you hire a custom integrator to complete a project for you, you may simply trust them whole heartedly and allow them to make the big or small decisions for you. But here at Surreal Systems, we like to educate our customers on all of their options and be transparent about everything the technology is capable of. When you invest in a custom home theater from Surreal Systems, we want you to feel satisfied and informed during every stage of the process. Here is part 1 of our secrets for ensuring you get the most out of your home theater.
  • Summertime is quickly approaching, which means surfing, sunbathing, and boating for many Newport Beach residents. Of course after you spend the majority of your day enjoying the sunshine in Orange County, California, you want to come back to your beach house and relax with some home entertainment, like a good show on TV or soothing music.
  • Smart Home Automation Solutions Everyone Loves Here at Surreal Systems, we have our favorite smart home solutions. But we understand everyone has their own idea of what they love most. In the area of Newport Beach, California however, we’ve noticed that many of our customers tend to adore a lot of the same solutions. And, many of these features are incredibly popular all over the country, not just Southern California. The Custom Electronics Show this year (CES) showed us some of the top tech trends, and many other shows and magazines have covered them as well. Here is our list of smart home automation trends for 2016.
  • Use Our Security & Surveillance Solutions to Capture Activity 24-7 Surveillance cameras can useful for a number of applications. Besides capturing intruders in the event of a break-in, they can be used as a baby monitor, pet sitter, or video intercom system. Plus it’s quite convenient to stay connected to your home while you’re away. Today’s surveillance cameras have extraordinary capabilities and are as clear as your HD TV. Here is the latest news in surveillance camera technology.
  • Add Commercial Audio Video Solutions to Your Irvine Business With so many different intercom and paging systems on the market, you may wonder which one fits your company’s unique needs. Surreal Systems can design commercial audio video solutions that help streamline your communication with staff and visitors. You may be surprised how high-tech, useful, and easy-to-use intercom systems have become in recent years. Continue reading to learn more.
  • Use Custom Controls to Spice up Your Home Entertainment If you love movies, TV shows, or video games, then you’ve most likely invested in a high-quality TV or projector in your home theater. Once you have the audio and video sorted out in your Irvine, California home, you may very well be satisfied with the beautiful picture and incredible sound quality. However, is your custom home theater just right yet? Top-notch surround sound systems and 4K video aren’t the only ingredients in the perfect home theater recipe. Smart, custom controls and automation create that additional “wow” factor in your private cinema. Plus, they make selecting a show so much easier – and fun too. Continue reading to learn more.
  • Did you know that Sonance outdoor speakers are durable enough to resist the sun’s powerful UV rays and strong enough to block out water and prevent rusting? You can’t just place any speaker outside and expect it to survive every weather condition. That’s why hiring a professional AV installer ensures that your electronics will survive for years to come – no matter how hard that wind blows. Here is an overview on how our outdoor speakers can survive every season.

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