• The holidays are right around the corner, and that means you'll likely be spending more time with friends and family, and having some guests at the house too. With more visitors, carolers, and packages arriving at your door, it may be a good idea to invest in some of our smart security solutions.
  • October is a big month for lovers of home entertainment. Football season is in full swing for the sports fan in the house, and film buffs are prepared to get spooked by endless horror movie marathons in preparation for Halloween. But regardless of how you want to use it, there’s no better time to build a custom home theater in your Anaheim, California residence. Catch every game day detail with a perfect picture display on your Sony 4K television, or submerse yourself in a haunted realm of ghosts and ghouls with immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound. This blog will take you through some of the ways you can make your home theater look and sound impeccable.
  • Installing smart home automation is a big investment. The benefit, besides enjoying the convenience and simplicity of one-touch controls, is that you add value to your property and increase its listing price. So how do you protect your investment? And how do you keep your smart home in the Villa Park, California area working in tip-top shape? Surreal Systems offers an award-winning system care and monitoring plan, called ProFormance Plans, to keep your smart home functioning at peak performance. Read on to discover all the details.
  • The latest trend in home improvement is adding technology to your spaces. However, there is a difference between simply adding smart home gadgets and making them all work together in one cohesive system. Surreal Systems integrates all your amenities into one easy-to-use system. In a professionally designed smart home, all subsystems from lighting to security work together to maximize your comfort, safety and enjoyment. The perfect smart home automation system gives you streamlined, intuitive control specifically designed to get the most out of your Anaheim, California home. Here are four big benefits of having smart home technology.
  • Managing a large venue has its challenges, especially when many features are hard to reach--like high windows, ceiling lights, and audio video components. That’s where the “AV guy” comes in. Surreal Systems is a professional integrator in the Yorba Linda, California area that can install all of the audio, video, and automation technology in your large venue, such as a banquet hall, school auditorium, church worship hall, or HOA clubhouse. Here are some of the specialized services that we offer.
  • The home is supposed to be a haven where you can relax, spend time with your loved ones, and house your prized possessions. In today’s world, it’s even more important to protect your valuables. The good news is that technological advancements have come far and the latest innovations in security and surveillance do a fantastic job of keeping your Yorba Linda, California home secure.
  • Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood, so movies are always the talk of the town. Instead of watching premiers at the local theater in Yorba Linda, CA you could have your own premier party at your home in a custom home theater. Dedicated theaters are a wonderful addition to your home, not just because it’s fun to have your own personal cinema free of sticky floors and un-comfy seats—but because it will add value to your property too. With smart home automation, you’ll also have a lot more cool, custom features you could never use at the movie theater down the street. So how do you get started? The first step is reading this guide to get an understanding of what is involved.
  • Music energizes a lot of our activities throughout the day. At home, you can see mothers preparing dinner to the soft sounds of jazz, the guys hanging out on the patio listening to a sports game, and the kids playing Disney tunes for their own dance party. However, putting a music system in every room can get complicated and messy if you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to put it together. Smart home technology also makes it easy for you to select the songs you want to listen to by giving you centralized controls. Here’s why a whole house music system is a great idea for your home in Yorba Linda, California or the surrounding region.
  • Surreal Systems has started this brand new blog to bring you the latest news in the smart home automation industry, update you on our products and services, as well as communicate information about our company and recent projects.
  • Take a look at our July 2015 Newsletter for information on beautiful outdoor lighting and how our cars are becoming smarter than us, I mean our homes! And what are the must haves for your homes increased IQ.

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